A Local's Guide to Amsterdam's Arts Scene

Immerse yourself in Amsterdam's vibrant arts culture with tips from our local experts.

Amsterdam, a city adorned with historic charm and a modern artistic spirit, welcomes you to explore its diverse cultural offerings. Our guide, curated with input from locals deeply rooted in the city's arts scene, promises an immersive journey through Amsterdam's cultural kaleidoscope.

Begin your artistic adventure at Museumplein, home to iconic institutions like the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. Our local experts recommend delving into these masterpieces, providing context to the stories depicted on canvas.

For a taste of contemporary creativity, head to NDSM Werf, a former shipyard turned avant-garde hub. The street art and industrial sculptures here reflect Amsterdam's progressive art scene. Engage with local artists working on large-scale installations, and witness the vibrant energy that defines this district.

Amsterdam's arts scene isn't confined to museums and galleries. Stroll through the Jordaan district, where every street feels like an open-air gallery. Murals, installations, and art-filled courtyards showcase the city's commitment to public art.

Explore beyond the obvious, as our guide takes you to the A'DAM Lookout—an observation deck with a twist.