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Whether you're planning where to go next or what to do on an already‑booked vacation, discover the travel destination of Amsterdam with Amadeus City Hotel

Unveiling Amsterdam's Hidden Gems

Beyond the iconic attractions, Amsterdam hides charming nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered. Our latest blog reveals the city's hidden gems, ensuring your stay at Amadeus City Hotel is a gateway to both popular hotspots and secret delights.

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Culinary Journeys in Amsterdam

Embark on a culinary journey that mirrors the city's cultural richness. From trendy cafes to historic eateries, our blog guides you through Amsterdam's gastronomic wonders, promising a flavorful experience during your stay at Amadeus City Hotel.

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A Local's Guide to Amsterdam's Arts Scene

Amsterdam's artistic spirit is alive in its galleries, street art, and performance spaces. Our blog, crafted with insights from locals, unveils the city's dynamic arts scene. Let Amadeus City Hotel be your cultural hub as you explore the creative heartbeat of Amsterdam.

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