Exterior view of Amsterdam near Amadeus City Hotel
Nearby Attractions

Experience cultural and historic attractions, sights & more

You'll never be short of great things to do and see during your stay at Amadeus City Hotel. In addition to being near the city centre, our hotel places you just a short drive from outstanding shopping and historical attractions. We've included a list of some of our favorite local attractions below. Our front desk staff would be happy offer you tips and recommendations while you're here - stop by anytime!


One of Amsterdam's most popular attractions was founded in 1798 to house the country's huge collection of rare art and antiquities. 

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Anne Frank's House

Anne Frank's house is a biographic museum. Open to the public since may of 1960, it is one of the biggest attractions of Amsterdam to this day. 

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Moco museum

In art we trust. Moco museum gives you a modern and contemporary art experience. 

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